Bergen Journals

Bike Cycling In Mountainous Norway

A July 2004 trip to Bergen by Berit

Quote: Bike cycling in the mountains of southern Norway along "Rallarvegen" - the Bergen Railway Line construction road. Rallarvegen is 80km long, extending from Haugastøl through Finse to Flåm.

Bike Cycling In Mountainous Norway


You will find everything from overwhelming mountains, waterfalls and sparkling glaciers to fascinating viewpoints and soothing hills.
Stop at one of the places serving food and make sure you taste the "Rømmegrøt"!

Quick Tips:

Bring your own bike, or rent one at Haugastøl/Finse/Flåm.
Remember warm and wind/rainproof clothes.
There are several places to eat and sleep along the road.
See these websites: or VisitFlam for more info.

Best Way To Get Around:

The best option is to take the train from Oslo/Bergen to Haugastøl and cycle westwards.