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Fine Caribbean Hospitality

An April 2004 trip to Guyana by mizz_thang

Quote: Melbourne Inn Guyana is part of a small chain of hotels in the Caribbean that is small enough to give you quality service but large enough to make your stay enjoyable.

Fine Caribbean Hospitality


Buddy's Nite Club up the street from the Melbourne Inn, easy access to transportation, cool shopping spots, St. George's Cathedral, the Zoological Park, the Seawall, monuments, Kaieteur Falls, Exotic Restaurants.

Quick Tips:

Don't use unmarked taxis.

Best Way To Get Around:

The best way to get around is to drive. You should rent a car or contract a driver from a taxi service. That's for getting around the entire city but for getting around town--the shopping area--you should walk. You'll see more that way.

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