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Here's Lookin' at Ewe, New Zealand

A May 2001 trip to New Zealand by Sierra

Quote: I grew up in New England, and even I was surprised to see the sheer volume (no pun intended) of sheep in this beautiful country. New Zealand is gorgeous - I definitely hope to return one day.

Qantas - Getting There is Half the Fun

Best Of IgoUgo


When my folks called me up one day and asked me if I wanted to come along with them to New Zealand, I had to fish my jaw up off the floor before I could answer, excited, "Yes, please!" Twist my arm! My dad was generously supplying the ticket from his frequent flyer savings, and was even super-generous enough to get me a business class ticket. (Excuse me while I pick up my jaw again and put it back once more...) Can't thank him enough for that, because the LAX/Auckland is long - some 12 hours/10,500km, in addition to the 4-1/2 hour flight I had to get to LAX ahead of that. We're in LAX, waiting to board our Qantas flight. So far the highlight of my ...Read More