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A few days in Florida

A January 2004 trip to Miami by kiminhalifax

Coopertown Airboat Tours Photo, Miami, Florida More Photos
Quote: A few days spent in Miami and the surroundings with a rental car before a scuba diving cruise. You can see more photos at

A few days in Florida


South Beach Photo, Miami, Florida
**Old Navy - my first experience with this store, since we don't have them at home - great prices, great clothing!!

**Coopertown Everglades tour - alligators and airboats = fun fun fun!!!

Quick Tips:

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Best Way To Get Around:

I used a rental car to see the most that I could see in my limited time.

Clay Hotel

Hotel | "Clay Hotel/Hostel"

I stayed in the hotel portion of the accommodations.

Room was small, but clean. Had cable TV and air conditioning, but the view was of an air shaft (and a room across the air shaft - don't those people own clothing??). Laundry on site.

Hotel staff were friendly and accommodating - carried my heavy scuba gear bags up the two flights of stairs since there was no elevator.

Suitable for short stays - but not a luxury spot, for sure.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on July 20, 2004

Clay Hotel
1438 Washington Avenue
Miami, Florida 33139
(305) 534-2988

Coopertown Airboat Tours

Best Of IgoUgo

Attraction | "Coopertown Everglades Tour"

Coopertown Airboat Tours Photo, Miami, Florida
Arrive at the Coopertown Everglades Tour building and stop in to have a bite to eat in the restaurant while you're waiting for the tour to begin. The airboat starts off slowly, showing you a resident soft shell turtle - the guides feed the wildlife marshmallows so that they will come to the boats. Basically the wildlife is now addicted to sugar!! After the first bit, the airboat speeds up - the air is flowing through your hair - wear sunglasses so that you can keep your eyes open!! We stopped several times to see a variety of wildlife, including turtles, alligators and birds. Once back at the tour building we went through the alligator zoo - a variety of sizes of alligators whi...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on July 20, 2004

Coopertown Airboat Tours
22700 Southwest Eighth St
Miami, Florida 33196
+1 305 226 6048

My time in southern Florida

Best Of IgoUgo


In the Keys Photo, Miami, Florida
Tuesday, January 27, 2004 When I leave home, the temperature is -38C/-32F with the wind chill effect. I get a cab to the airport at 5:30am (why can't we have later flights????), connect in Montreal and then fly to Miami where it is a balmy 25C/77F - what a change a few hours can make. I drag my too-heavy luggage around the airport looking for the car rental counter - an hour later, I am waiting for the bus to take me to my car. And 30 minutes later I'm driving away from the airport. Unfortunately, I forgot to put the address of my hotel in my carry on luggage - it is packed with all the touristy type materials in the bottom of my suitcase!!! So I drive up and down the street unti...Read More