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2 days in NYC

A July 2004 trip to New York by mikro

Quote: In a 2-day visit to NYC, we packed in enough shopping, dining, sightseeing, and a Broadway show to satisfy anyone. Having two excellent advisors--a Manhattan native and a new resident--we were able to dine away from the tourist traps.

Wo Hop


Lunchtime at Wo Hop is a busy place. Not to be confused with the restaurant of the same name at 15 Mott Street, this one is downstairs. The dining area is small with a few booths and several tables for 4-6 persons. Established in 1938, Wo Hop had a steady stream of customers, including some of NY's Finest, for eat-in and take-out orders. The extensive menu encompasses the usual Chinese dishes. They're famous for wonton soup, chow fun and noodle dishes. The eggrolls were the best I've ever tasted. Steamed dumplings make a great appetizer, also can be ordered fried. Entrees are reasonably priced, portions most generous. Rice is not included - steamed or fried rice must be ordered separ...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on July 15, 2004

Wo Hop
17 Mott Street
New York, New York 10013
(212) 267-2536

Tanti Baci

Restaurant | "Tanti Baci Caffe"

Tanti Baci is easy to pass by but we were with someone who had been there previously. Following the steep stairway down, you enter a small candlelit dining area with several tiny tables for two and a larger one for four. With a full view of the kitchen, you can watch the chefs at work. There's also another small dimly lit dining area separate from the rest. Background music was Latino, more Caribbean than Italian. We inquired of the waitress and discovered the owners are Argentinian. The standard menu features a few salads as appetizers, variety of homemade pastas and your choice of five sauces, including pomodoro, bolognese, pesto, and clam. Bread with dipping oil is served and frequen...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on July 15, 2004

Tanti Baci
163 West 10th St
New York, New York 10014
(212) 647-9651