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Algarve Disappointment

An April 2004 trip to Albufeira by Anne & David

Quote: The Algarve retains its appeal with a beautiful coastline and lovely beaches. A disappointing apartment at Clube Praia da Oura, however, did not help what was otherwise a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Algarve Disappointment


Being able to walk along the beach and scramble over the rocks and cliffs to Albufeira from Praia da Oura is good fun. Albufeira itself is a lovely town with lots of restaurants and bars and is a great base for exploring the area further. We took a two-day trip to Fatima and Lisbon, which was reasonably priced and was excellent value. Fatima is a religious place of pilgrimage and Lisbon is a superb capital city.

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Most people hire cars, but we prefer to walk or use public transport. There was a road "train" between the resort and the town which was cheap and regular.

Clube Praia da Oura

Hotel | "Clube Praia du Oura"

Best Things Nearby:Beach right next door as well as some good restaurants beside the beach. A Chinese restaurant beside the beach offered excellent deals especially lunchtime specials.Best Things About the Resort:Location and grounds.Resort Experience:The resort is big and has a sister resort, the hotel which is up a hill and further from the beach. Our apartment was next to the lift which meant noise from people returning at night. The unit was satisfactory except for the bedroom which was tiny. The double bed just fitted making it difficult to get in and out. Not suitable for claustraphobics! We were amongst several others who complained about the poor stand...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on July 15, 2004

Clube Praia da Oura
Rua Oliveira Martins, Praia Da Oura
Albufeira, Portugal
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