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Queens Garden-Bryce Canyon

A July 2004 trip to Bryce Canyon by LisaCharlene

Quote: I thought I had seen it all after living in the Southwest for 10 years - but Bryce takes the cake. What a true testimony to Mother Nature's artistry. Breathtaking and inspiring!
This hotel was built for the overflow from Ruby's Best Western - which is the largest hotel in the area. It was clean but sparse - a bit more upscale than a Motel 6 but about as basic. The location was prime for all activities and the hotel sits just outside Bruce Canyon Park. If you are looking for a clean and comfortable place to stay that is centrally located, this will be suitable. If you want something with more ambiance - drive just a bit further into the Park and stay at Bryce Canyon Lodge.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on July 14, 2004

Bryce View Lodge
991 South Highway 63
Bryce Canyon, Utah 84764
(435) 834-5180

Bryce Canyon Lodge Dining Hall

Restaurant | "Bryce Canyon Lodge Restaurant"

The Lodge is rather rustic from the outside, but the restaurant is quite nice. There is a large fireplace in the center of the restaurant - the atmosphere is casually sophisticated. The menu was rather small but the choices are outstanding. Quite gourmet for an area of this size and the service was very gracious and we were well attended. In my opinion THE BEST place to eat in the area. The view from the restaurant is pure eye candy.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on July 14, 2004

Bryce Canyon Lodge Dining Hall
Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon, Utah 84764
(435) 834-5361

Hiking Trails in Bryce

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You will be astounded at the hiking choices within Bryce, including a relatively easy hike around the rim. The pure raw red spirals, pinnacles, and otherworldly beauty of this spot will draw you in. If you choose to hike into the canyon I suggest starting at Navajo Trail. Navajo Trail is a steep drop directly into the red rock caverns where you will be immediately absorbed by the terrain and deep natural nooks and crannies "compliments of mother nature." Once inside, the trail levels out and you will be on flatland for a mile plus. The scenery continues to awe you - and the red rocks are complemented by the bright green junipers and pinons. You will be greeted by a lot of wildlife, which has gro...Read More