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Weekend in Bilbo

A May 2004 trip to Bilbao by PDT

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Quote: Two friends, the wife, and myself wanted a weekend away and happened upon Bilbao. We chose Bilbao as it was cheap to fly to from Bristol, and we were very pleased with what we discovered.

Weekend in Bilbo


Eat, drink, stroll... then eat and drink some more.

Quick Tips:

Take the metro to the coast. Go for longer than we did. Watch a game of Pelota. Learn some Basque.

Best Way To Get Around:

Easy to walk. There's also a good metro if your feet get sore!

Barcelo Nervion Hotel

Hotel | "Barcelo Nervion"

Barcelo Nervion Hotel Photo, Bilbao, Spain
Incredibly good value. We booked it through their website (click here) and got a very good rate. I think the weekends are cheaper as it is a business hotel.

The rooms were great and the breakfast incredible. What we payed per person per night including breakfast would only just cover the breakfast in a Hilton in the UK!

The location is great; not in the old town or the new, but both are easily accessible, as is the Guggenheim.

This hotel does not have much character, but for the price we paid for the facilities and the breakfast, I would not stay anywhere else if I were to go again.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on July 7, 2004

Barcelo Nervion Hotel
Bilbao, Spain 48007
34 94 4454700



Amboto Photo, Bilbao, Spain
Great restaurant - complete revelation. The restaurant is above a bar of the same name. We arrived at just before 8.30 pm when the restaurant opens (it is Spain) and decided to have a drink in the bar to let the restaurant open up. We sat in the bar for half an hour or so, my wife and friend having some undrinkable wine, and did not see a soul go upstairs. As the bar was populated entirely by old Basque men, we began having second thoughts about eating there. When we eventually went upstairs, it was a revelation. For a start, it was busy with locals as other people had used the other stairs, and it also looked quite nice, unlike the "spit and sawdust" downstairs. To star...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on July 8, 2004

Jardines, 2
Bilbao, Spain 48005
+34 94 4156148

Guggenheim Museum

Attraction | "Guggenheim"

Guggenheim Museum Photo, Bilbao, Spain
Incredible building, some incredible art, and some incredibly patronising, pretentious commentry courtesy of the audio tour. A must if you go to Bilbo, even if you just wander around the outside and look at the two or three exhibits on display.

Inside there are three floors of modern art in some very unique rooms. The first level contains the permanent collection, and includes some Andy Warhol. The other two levels are dedicated to touring collections. As for the audio, it is worth persevering with, especially as the touring exhibits have a slightly less annoying commentary.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on July 7, 2004

Guggenheim Museum
Abandoibarra Et. 2
Bilbao, Spain