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A July 2003 trip to Denali by teajay2

Me at the foot of the Exit Glacier Photo, Denali, Alaska More Photos
Quote: In the summer of 2003 I took a 12-day vacation throughout Alaska, where I fell and flowed down the Tolkat River, came almost within arm's reach of a black bear, and went jogging at 2am while people mowed their lawns.

Alaska Adventure


Me at the foot of the Exit Glacier Photo, Denali, Alaska
Hiking up and down the Exit Glacier in Seward was beautiful and offered the closest interaction with wildlife during my trip. Denali was breathtaking, and overwhelming. It seems you could easily spend a lifetime there, and not get to experience everything there is to offer. Anchorage is a cool little city worth spending a couple days in.Quick Tips: Camping in Denali can be great, but if you are going to go off the beaten path, and deep into the park, make sure you go a decent ways in. Best Way To Get Around: Travel by train is possible, especially if you come from the cruise ships which dock in Seward. From there, you can take the train up to Anchorage, etc. and get a glimpse ...Read More
It was a very nice hotel in the middle of downtown Anchorage. Walking distance to everything there is do to there. There is a restaurant on the premises, but the hours are somewhat limited, especially for a tourist area during a time of year that is bright out practically 24 hours a day. No pool, but there is internet access in the lobby, which comes if very handy.

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