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10 Days in Tamil Nadu

A June 2004 trip to Tamil Nadu by janeyee

Door Photo, Tamil Nadu, India More Photos
Quote: 10 summer days to see, smell and feel the richness in culture of the colourful Tamil Nadu state in the South India. Visited the largest temple in India with centuries of history, which still plays a big part in Indians' lives. Returned home with tanned skin and touched heart.

10 Days in Tamil Nadu


Door Photo, Tamil Nadu, India
Unforgettable view of sunrise in Kannyakumari, the southernmost tip of India, where the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea meet. Here, the sea has three different colours. The people whom I've met during the stay have showed me what happiness can be, even when times are hard. They have touched me deeply. They made India a beautiful place and a beautiful memory in my life.Quick Tips: If you can bargain well, you'll get a good price, even better than a local. The people selling souvenirs in tourist attractions can be really persistent to persuade you to purchase from them (and I really mean it). They could keep chasing even after your car is moving. So be firm and say no if you...Read More