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An August 2001 trip to Cabo San Lucas by marriedmccoys

Quote: Cabo San Lucas has been a place I have returned to over and over again. The Pueblo Bonito Rose rests next to the blue water of the Sea of Cortez and is only minutes from town. You can walk just about anywhere from this breathtaking resort!

Only in Mexico

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My favorite part of the trip is the parasailing over the Sea of Cortez. It gives you the bird's eye view of some of the most beautiful land in Mexico. I also love to dance the night away in the various clubs in Cabo.

Quick Tips:

I highly recommend enjoying the various water activities, eating at Romeo and Julieta's and Edith's and eating dinner on the beach by candle light. Remember to drink bottled water as much as possible and ask about the ice! You want to make sure the ice is made with purified water too!!!

Best Way To Get Around:

Walking is the best way but if you need a taxi they are easy to come by.
Best Things Nearby:The best thing nearby would be the Sea of Cortez and the next best thing would be Edith's restaurant.Best Things About the Resort:The resort is family friendly but also a great place to get away for a couple. The pool is huge so it allows for many activities but also some peacefulness. I love the birds and fish. The atmosphere is paradise.Resort Experience:The Rose is located right on the beach and allows for easy access to any water activity. It offers everything from a gorgeous and peaceful spa to a large pool with a lot of activities to do. The rooms are spacious and well equiped with everything you need even a blender! The service ...Read More

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Pueblo Bonito Rose
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 23410