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Villgae trips in PNG!

A June 2004 trip to Papua New Guinea by Heartwewiltravl

Quote: Visiting PNG is not worth it unless you visit a village.

Villgae trips in PNG!


The best thing to do in PNG is to visite a tribe. Live in the village for a few days, eat, and spend time with them. Our group was invited to eat with people of the village, visit the people's gardens, and the men were invited to hunt. We lived in Two Story Huts in the village. The people are curious, and the kids love to play games and interact with you. Quick Tips: Don't take any cultural experience for granted, live it up, and respect the culture. Women should wear skirts, and men wear shorts. (I know it's not fair, but I had to endure it - you don't want to offend anyone).Best Way To Get Around: Hiking. But make sure you get someone else to carry your things - it is very difficul...Read More

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