Castroville Journals

Artichoke Capitol

A January 2000 trip to Castroville by imcarly13

Quote: Fresh fruit and veggies in Castroville.

Fresh fruits and veggies

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Castroville is definitely off of the beaten path. Well actually it is right off of Hwy 101 or Hwy 1 in central California. If you are staying anywhere near Monterey or Caramel you should stop by. There is not much to see but the fresh fruits and vegetables are the best I have found. The biggest artichokes I have seen in my life; in a stand just off the main road. When I go to a grocery store anywhere else I laugh at their "large" artichokes, they are about he same size as a "small" in Castroville. You can also eat in the giant artichoke, just off Hwy 101. That is where I discovered my love of artichokes. The marinated ones nerve had any appeal but there are many ways to cook an artichoke. *Ma...Read More