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Hawaii isn't just for couples

A May 2003 trip to Hawaii by icheapa

Hale Kai B&B Photo, Maui, Hawaii More Photos
Quote: My girlfriend in Seattle invited me to Hawaii to get together with our Dutch friend flying in from Australia. We had no idea what to expect. Our only plan in action was a ticket to Oahu and one-day reservation in Waikiki before island hopping.
Hale Kai B&B Photo, Maui, Hawaii
The B&B is hosted by Maria Macias & Ricardo Zepeda who took over this gorgeous house overlooking the great blue pacific ocean. We had a separate entrance from the main house. Each room is decorated with a theme. Ours was underwater tropical fish. Bathrooms were a bit out of date but its good for doing your business. They had a pool just down the edge of the hill. We weren't able to use it due to the constant warm rain. You can hear the constant crashing waves and the many surfers below the mountainside waiting for the next good wave. It’s cool to see even our two host going out for a surf. A hot tub is always available. It was nice to have breakfast on the upper lanai (deck) every morning looking out ...Read More

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Hale Kai Hawaii
111 Honolii Place
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
(808) 935-6330

Hono Hu aka Tropical Plantation

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Cliffhouse Photo, Maui, Hawaii
This has got to be one of the coolest places I've ever stayed at. It was recommended by a German couple we meet in Hilo. They raved about staying in a cliffhouse overlooking the great big ocean. It’s like a hidden secret. So when we landed in Maui, our goal was to contact and/or find this place. There are no signs to find this place. We tried calling a few times for more info or to reserve but kept getting voicemail. Finally we saw an entrance with a few mailboxes, which then led into a long bumpy ride into the plantation. We found the place before sundown. It’s a pretty dark and confusing path of tropical forestry. I'm sure the rental car also took a beating from the unpaved r...Read More

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Rainbow Plantation

Hotel | "The Rainbow Plantation Bed & Breakfast Inn"

Rainbow Plantation Photo, Captain Cook, Hawaii
A nice German couple named Marianna & Reiner are the host of this B&B. They've been running this B&B plantation for over 10 years. You can hear Reiner running a tractor somewhere and Marianna feeding the chickens and pheasants. The place is a bit like a tropical junkyard with a lot of eclectic things. It’s mostly a macadamia farm, but you can find a few papaya and coconut trees scattered around. You can eat as much macadamia as you want because it falls all over the place. They provide a heavy-duty cracker contraption to break open the hard shell. It definitely took practice. The nuts won't be like the nice roasted and salted kind you find at the store but still good. ...Read More

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Rainbow Plantation
81-6327 Mamalahoa Highway
Captain Cook, Hawaii 96704
(808) 323-2393

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Photo, Hawaii (Big Island), Hawaii
We were lucky to meet a local Hawaiian on our first night in Hilo. He recommended going to the Volcano Park at night where you can see the glow of the lava. He even offered to drive us there since he hadn't been there awhile there himself. (Usually I don't like getting into a stranger’s car, but somehow its different in Hawaii and there were three of us) He told us to bring a flashlight and wear some good shoes. Thank god we weren't driving. It was dark & drizzling rain (did i mention the constant rain in Hilo?). When we got to the part of the flowing lava, the road that lead further down the mountain side was already covered with rock hard molten. It’s a surreal feeling to hike on top of t...Read More

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Highway 11
Hilo, Hawaii 96718
(808) 985-6000

Bike ride downhill Photo, Hawaii (Big Island), Hawaii
Our B&B recommended this. You get up at 3am to meet the group in town. They drove him up to the top of Haleakala (one of the biggest dormant volcanoes). You get a mountain bike. See the sunrise and slowly bike the forty miles downhill. You can make a few stops along the way of course. There is lots of fresh air and great views. There are a few vendors to pick up water or food along the way. Be back by early noon.

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