London Journals

London in February

A February 2004 trip to London by Siraulo

Quote: After being warned of how bad the food was in London, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the varied kinds of food my friend and I were able to partake in -- oh and to see all the wonderful (typically touristy) sights of London last February. . .

London in February


Do not miss out on Afternoon Tea. I highly recommend the two places we went: Basil Street Hotel in Knightsbridge and Claridge Hotel in Mayfair.

Quick Tips:

Even if you hate sticking out like a sore-thumbed tourist, it helps to go on those double-decker tour buses the first day so that you have an unlimited ride around the city and get a chance to note which sights you want to return to for a better view for the rest of your stay.

Best Way To Get Around:

The tube is definitely the most efficient way to go -- the map system is pretty straightforward. If you want to see the sights on the way to going to places, take the bus. But definitely experience a cab ride at least once. . .