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School Exchange to Viernheim

A June 2004 trip to Viernheim by Funky Monkey

Stuttgart Zoo Wilhelma Photo, Stuttgart, Germany More Photos
Quote: This journal is about my 10-day scool exchange to Viernheim.

School Exchange to Viernheim

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My exchange partner lives in a small village called Nieder-Liebersbach, about 10km from Viernheim. He showed me the numerous foot paths which snake around the countryside around his town and we cycled all over them. If you are staying in the middle of Germany, one of the best things to do is mountain biking. The hills and valleys are steep, but not too steep, and the views are really good. Shopaholics must visit the Rhein-Neckar-Zentrum, a large shopping centre which has some great cafes in it as well as a supermarket for everyday shopping. The shops are mostly dominated by clothes shopping but you can buy almost anything from Carstadt, a big shop right in the middle of the shopping centre.Quick T...Read More
Stuttgart Zoo Wilhelma Photo, Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart Zoo not only has animals, but also a large amount of plant life, in and around the animals, and also inside purpose built greenhouses. The animals are much more "free" at Stuttgart, obviously the lions can't get out but things like the flamingos could fly out if they really wanted to. I was inside on of the greenhouses when a small dark blue bird walked right past me. I took my bag off to take a photo but the little bird decided it would try and steal my tissues from my bag! Luckily, it only dropped them on the ground but the animals really are close to the visitors. The Zoo was actually built in 1850 as a botanical garden for William I of Wuerttemberg, with only a few animals, but af...Read More

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Stuttgart Zoo Wilhelma
Wilhelmaplatz 13
0711 54020

IMAX Speyer


This review isn't really for the film but more for the amazing IMAX Dome Cinema. The screen is the same size if not bigger than the conventional IMAX screen, but as the name suggests, the screen wraps around you, giving you the impression that you are actually there in the picture. There are actually two projectors and so the picture warps slightly due to perspective where the two pictures join, but aside from that, the picture quality is amazing. The film I saw was called Cosmic Voyage, and although it was dubbed over in German, it was basically about how the tiniest things in the universe inside atoms created the biggest thing in the universe -- the universe itself.

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IMAX Speyer
Geibstrasse 2
Viernheim, Germany

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