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Victoria -- a wee bit of Britishness in Canada

An April 2004 trip to Victoria by amandabeth

Dancer and Totem Pole Photo, Victoria, British Columbia More Photos
Quote: We spent a long weekend in Victoria and took our first visit to Vancouver Island. The ferry trip is incredible -- such beautiful scenery. And Victoria is quite charming, with its bits of Britishness and relaxed pace.

Victoria -- a wee bit of Britishness in Canada


Beacon Hill Park. The harbour and the old town.

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Dancer and Totem Pole Photo, Victoria, British Columbia
Alan and I took public transit out to the ferry at Tsawwassen. From Burnaby as I was working, but it took 2 hours. More annoying, a few stops before the ferry terminal is a bus stop where the bus just sits for about 15 minutes. Then they arrive 5 minutes before the Victoria sailing so that you have to run to make the boat. Why do these things not run together more logically? The ferry ride was beautiful, the whole weekend was 26 degrees Celsius and sunny. Everything was so blue. The photos are incredible-though it helps that we shoot almost exclusively with professional film now. And we've found a good developer, which is also important. You know, I had always assumed that the higher the number ...Read More
View from the Ferry Photo, Victoria, British Columbia
That afternoon we went on a whale watching boat ride, though we didn't see any whales. We did see a cloud of birds feeding, and when we got closer saw that it was some seals pushing a school of fish towards the surface while they hunted. We saw some porpoises, as well, and a bald eagle catch and eat a fish. It was a nice boat ride, went along San Juan island and had a great view of the Olympic Mountains and Mount Baker. It was a zodiac, and while it went very fast, which was cool, there was no bumping around since the water was so calm. Got a sunburnt nose. After dinner that night we walked out to Craigdarroch Castle, which is really just an oldish house. And as Alan pointed out, it doesn't loo...Read More