Cape Verde Journals

One Week in Cabo Verde

A May 2004 trip to Cape Verde by Babi

Djadsal Resort Photo, Cape Verde, Africa More Photos
Quote: Cabo Verde is a nice place to go, but it is nothing like the sea and weather of the Caribbean I visit very often. Isla do Sal has 8km of white sandy beach and it's very windy, especially in January and February, so it's the preferred place chosen by kite surfers.
Djadsal Resort Photo, Cape Verde, Africa
My room was part of a tour operator package, so I cannot tell the single price for a day. You can choose between rooms by the main building or simple bungalows at the beach. The accommodations are comfortable, nice, large, and clean. My room had a double bed and a bathroom.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on June 1, 2004

Vasco De Gama


This was one of the "excursions" the Djadsal Club proposed. It was called "Aragostata" because they served mainly lobster. The food was very good. The restaurant organized a group playing local music typical of Capo Verde.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on June 1, 2004

Santa Maria


Santa Maria Beach Photo, Cape Verde, Africa
Here you'll find 8km of white sandy beaches. The only unfortunate thing is that it's very windy all year -- this is good for kite surfers and boats, but not for people lying at the sun. Not all the villages have "protection" from the wind -- Djadsal does not, for example, but the others do.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on June 1, 2004

Arriving in Sal Photo, Cape Verde, Africa
I would say this is a nice holiday, but it depends from what you want from a holiday. The club itself was nice because you could have whatever you needed. There was a small beach beside the enormous swimming pool of salty water. The customers were mainly Italian. At night, you could have fun with the staff or in the disco. Outside the village, there is a nice little town of Santa Maria, which is reachable by walking for 10 minutes. The only thing that could disturb you is the thousands of people who want to sell you their products (generally from products from Senegal, like wood turtles, elephants, etc.). The beach is good for jogging – it’s 8km of sandy, white, windy beaches. There’s an excurs...Read More