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A February 2001 trip to San Antonio by pammyomurphy

Quote: We stayed at the Hill Country Resort outside of San Antonio, Texas. This is a Silverleaf property.
Best Things Nearby:Riverwalk in San Antonio.Best Things About the Resort:Spacious rooms.Resort Experience:The Hill Country Resort is newly remodeled with many new units added by Silverleaf. The two-bedroom units are very comfortable and clean. We were there in February and the place was very quiet. We drove into San Antonio every day for an event we were there for. There are zillions of things to do in San Antonio! Unit Type: 2 Bedroom Activities: Very Good Amenities: Very Good Unit Satisfaction: Very Good...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 31, 2004

Hill Country Resort
1754517545 FM 306 FM 306
San Antonio, Texas 78133
(830) 935-4355