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Mangoes, monkeys, and sugar mills in Nevis

A May 2000 trip to St. Kitts and Nevis by Suzannecat

The Hermitage Plantation Inn Photo, St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean More Photos
Quote: We stayed for one week at the Hermitage Plantation. Off season, there were no crowds -- we often had restaurants to ourselves. Nevis is a beautiful, tiny island and easy to navigate if you rent a car (watch out for crabs crossing the roads!). The island is clean and friendly, but expensive.

The Hermitage Plantation Inn

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The Hermitage Plantation Inn Photo, St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean
We had no idea what to expect when we bid on this one-week vacation to the Hermitage from our local PBS auction, but the trip turned out to be wonderful! We arrived in Nevis from St Kitts on a four-person plane (and that includes the pilot). That set the tone for the whole island, which is really very tiny and intimate. After a 15-minute or so cab ride into the hills past wild donkeys, goats, and chickens, we arrived at the Hermitage and were greeted by owner Richard Lupinacci and a rum punch (though mango coladas were to become a favorite at the bar). The resort is a converted historical plantation with several buildings decorated in fine antiques, including the 250-year-old woode...Read More

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Sunshine Photo, St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean
Seafood just doesn't get any fresher than at Sunshine's! Located right on Pinney's Beach, this shack (literally) serves up a limited menu, but what they do, they do right. My husband and I both ordered what everybody comes to Sunshine's for: lobster. The way it works it this: you sit down, say you'll have the lobster, and a guy gets into a small boat and paddles out into the water. He comes back with lobster in the boat and they cook it for you. At least, that's what happened when we were there. Granted, it was very off-season and there was only one other couple there at the time. The lobster was sweet and delicious. Sunshine's bar drinks also have a great reputation, but we're not real...Read More

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