Williamsburg Journals

Old Town Trip

An April 2004 trip to Williamsburg by Rebel77

Quote: Town was great, but the place we stayed needed an upgrade.

Wyndham Patriots Place

Hotel | "Fairfield Patriot's Place"

Best Things Nearby:
Old Williamsburg.

Best Things About the Resort:
The people!

Resort Experience:
The area was great and the people were great as well. But the room needed repair. It had holes in the walls and the wallpaper was coming loose. I also learned that a studio is far to small for us.

  • Unit Type: Studio
  • Activities: Very Good
  • Amenities: Good
  • Unit Satisfaction: Fair
  • Family Friendliness: Very Good
  • Service: Good

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on May 11, 2004

Wyndham Patriots Place
725 Bypass Rd
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
(757) 220-5300

Williamsburg Winery

Attraction | "Wine tasting"

Now this was fun as well as informative. I highly recommend going on the tour. The prices for wines were very good, approximately $7 a bottle of their in-house wine.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on May 11, 2004

Williamsburg Winery
5800 Wessex Hundred
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
(757) 229-0999