Ruidoso Journals

New Mexico Day Trips

A July 2000 trip to Ruidoso by Cnugent

Quote: Spent a week's vacation with brother, nephew and son in a timeshare in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

New Mexico Day Trips


Constantly changing scenery. Mountains, deserts and exotic locals. Head northwest and visit 1,000+ year old indian settlements (abandoned). Go south two hours and see the missiles of the Space Age and Cold War. Travel northeast in Lincoln County a few miles and see where Billy the Kidd lived and died. Carlsbad Caverns are millions of years old geologically and a natural wonder as amazing as White Sands. Quick Tips: White Sands National Monument - a desert wonder. It's pure white, dotted by occasional vegetation. Except for the heat, one would think they are in the far north in winter. El Paso/Juarez - Park the car, walk accross the bridge and grab ...Read More