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March Break in New Jersey

A March 2004 trip to Atlantic City by Alow

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Quote: We had a spectacular view of Atlantic Ocean.

March Break in New Jersey


It was the time when the snow was still on the ground and a chilly wind was blowing across the boardwalk that we went to this gambling city. We booked a week at the Atlantic City Royal Suites through timesharing. The greatest thing about this resort is the view that it offers to every tenant. . . a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. Though there are not many facilities in the resort for kids, we managed to have a few interesting outings like trips to New York City, Philly, and Cape May. Even closer places like the art gallery on the boardwalk, the lighthouse, and the Ocean Museum were quite suitable for groups with kids.Quick Tips: If you stay close to the boardwalk and are intereste...Read More

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Hotel | "Royal Suites at Atlantic Palace"

FantaSea Resorts Photo, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Best Things Nearby:The casinos are just steps away from the resort. The resort has an entrance right into the boardwalk, which makes it so accessible to the boardwalk and the casinos like Taj Mahal, Caesar's, and Trump Plaza.Best Things About the Resort:All the rooms have a great view of the ocean. The architect who designed this resort made all the rooms face the ocean with large windows, while the elevators are located at the back. You can see sunrise or sunset depending on which direction your room is facing. Make sure you bring a camera to take pictures of the ocean at dawn or dusk. Resort Experience:The staff is helpful. The resort provides complime...Read More

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