Edinburgh Journals

Arriving in Edinburgh

A June 2003 trip to Edinburgh by modernist

Quote: I had a 24-hour stay over on my way to Kirkwall, Scotland. Here are a few tips on how to get from airport to the city and a hostel review.

From the airport


For future reference, if you are trying to save money by flying into London and then flying EasyJet to other destinations, this only works if you have less than 20kg of baggage. I was over that limit and it cost me £80 pounds! After arriving in Edinburgh, I took the very handy shuttle from airport to the city centre. The return [round trip] cost me just £5. You can also opt to buy £3 pounds one-way, but the round-trip ticket is open and you can use it any time. So unless your girlfriend is going to give you a lift to the airport, get the round-trip. The bus is Airlink and it is right outside the terminal. Edinburgh airport is pretty small so you just have to stop and ask anyone. ...Read More