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Montreal madness!

A May 2004 trip to Montreal by Melodydunn

Quote: We loved Montreal, but were anxious to leave. It is like a different planet to English-speaking people!

Montreal madness!


Montreal is an amazing city, but if you are not used to the fast pace and fast talking, you might be overwhelmed. The malls are underground and are very interesting. We were told thatif you ask for help in English, you get rude treatment, but we got lost many times and people went out of their way to help. The architecture is beyond beautiful and the buildings from the Expo that are still there are a must see.Quick Tips: Walk. . . don't drive. . .Best Way To Get Around: We drove and got lost many times. As well, people in Montreal do not seem to obey the rules of the road as the rest of the country does. I recommend a taxi if you want to get around with out losing your mind and havin...Read More
We have had bad experiences at other Days Inns and decided to give it another try. We got lost and dreaded calling the hotel as we don't speak French and have heard horror stories of how English-speaking persons are treated. However, we were given friendly and helpful directions and made it to the hotel quickly.

We were immediately impressed with the size of the unit. We had been crammed into small units at the other Days Inns before. Our room was spacious and the furniture was extremely nice. We needed several things while we stayed and had no problems requesting and getting prompt service.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on May 6, 2004

Days Inn and Conference Centre-Montreal Airport
4545, boul de la Côte-Vertu Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec H4S 1C8
(514) 332-2720