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A May 2004 trip to Kitzingen by PLU

One of the Streets in Kitzingen Photo, Kitzingen, Germany More Photos
Quote: Read about things to do and places to see in this quaint town located in Bavaria.

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One of the Streets in Kitzingen Photo, Kitzingen, Germany
Kitzingen is a medium-sized town in Bavaria, located in the wine-growing region of Upper Franconia. To find it on a map, locate Wuerzburg and go slightly southeast. It is easily accessible from Autobahn 3 or 7 and is about the midway point between Nurnberg and Frankfurt. It would be a nice place to stop and have a little snack or lunch while daytripping through Bavaria. Sprinkled throughout the downtown area are many shops and cafes. Most locals speak some English due to the large military population in the surrounding area. There is a wonderful little shop called Basement Treasures, which is open in the afternoon and carries antiques and other old thi...Read More

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