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Nimes in November -- Romans and food

A November 2003 trip to Nimes by Esigodini

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Quote: This was a winter weekend in Nimes: GREAT food, Roman ruins, and a pleasant town.

Nimes in November -- Romans and food


Nimes Photo, Nimes, France
The Colloseum is smaller than Rome but beautifully preserved.

The fantastic food and drink.

Quick Tips:

Eat a lot.

Learn a bit about rugby.

Walk a lot.

Get a haircut -- Nimes must be France's hairdressing capital.

Best Way To Get Around:


This hote was very pleasant. There were slightly quirky furnishings and very friendly owners with very friendly dog. We did not eat in the hotel, but their recommendation nearby was excellent.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 6, 2004

Hotel L'Amphitheatre
4 Rue des Arènes
Nimes, France
(66) 672-851

We ate Sunday morning breakfast in the market. We had fantastic fish, vegetables, cheese, fruit, and pastries from the bakery stalls. We had a coffee and some pastries at the stand in the middle. We enjoyed the early-morning bustle and left with some local specialties (lemon mustard and chocolate sausage) to take home.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on May 6, 2004

Centre Commercial Les Halles
Boulevard Gambetta
Nimes, France



Nimes is definitely the place for a haircut -- it seemed to us that all (Roman) roads in Nimes lead to a hairdresser. There were plenty of them.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on May 6, 2004

Throughout Nimes
Nimes, France

We got to our great friendly hotel around 11am on Saturday morning. We were let in by Uzes the puppy and then went strolling. We saw the impressive Roman temple and the beautiful city park. The park is around some colonnaded pools built over a fast-flowing river -- very beautiful. There were great trees, great vegetation, and red squirrels. We ate lunch at the "Croc' d'Or" Wimpey (the crocodile is the symbol of Nimes) and then around the fantastic Roman amphitheatre -- very atmospheric. Then we were off to the local art gallery and a beautiful big Roman mosaic. We went window-shopping, strolling, and shopping (in a fantastic chocolate shop and a toy store). We had beer at a cafe on the square an...Read More