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Cuna de Mestizaje

A September 2003 trip to Chetumal by brevity1073

Bahia Chetumal Photo, Chetumal, Mexico More Photos
Quote: I was baptized into Mexican culture with a day trip to Ciudad Juarez two years ago. Good thing I planned a 30th birthday gift in Quintana Roo to wash away those border town blues. . .

Cuna de Mestizaje


Bahia Chetumal Photo, Chetumal, Mexico
Walk in the evening along the Blvd. Bahia. Across the bay, you can see the lights of Belize. And in the plaza at the government building, you can people-watch for hours.

Quick Tips:

Best Way To Get Around:

Rent a car. It's not that bad, driving in Mexico. Just pay attention and you'll be okay.

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