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A Day Trip to Strasbourg, France

An April 2004 trip to Strasbourg by noelle_1

Quote: From our place in western Germany we took a day trip to Strasbourg, France, just across the border. We saw the main parts of the 'old town' and a few museums (of many).

Palais de la Glace


A rather large cafe, in view of the Notre Dame cathedral, Palais de la Glace was an excellent "people-watching" location. It has several (12 or so) outdoor tables, and many indoor seats as well. Like many other European cafes, you do pay extra to sit outside, but it was worth it. They serve excellent coffees and sodas, but also tasty French cuisine (we had a quiche and sandwich). The service, from a French point of view, was prompt. There are reasonably clean bathrooms for customers. The costs are equivalent to Starbucks - E$2.80 for a capp and E$2.40 for a cafe au lait, for example.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on April 24, 2004

Palais de la Glace
Rue du Maroquin
Strasbourg, France