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Honeymoon in Key West

A July 2003 trip to Key West by Jypsies32

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Quote: Avalon B&B on the quiet end of Duvall is an excellent choice for low-key types. It's across from the new Butterfly Emporium. The Harry Truman Little Whitehouse tour is interesting.

Honeymoon in Key West

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We had a great time in Key West. It was post-July 4th, so rates were pretty good. We really enjoyed waking up late, eating breakfast on the porch, and following our instincts. We liked Hemingway House, Truman Little White House (Harry Truman's alternate post), the new Butterfly Emporium, and the dorky Conch Train tour. We had a fun, cheesy night listening to Latin music and drinking mojitos. Near Avalon, there is a deli type store around the corner (can't remember the name, sorry) and they had excellent pasta salads, olives etc. They also had a traditional Cuban coffee kiosk right before it. We also did the typical things you do, like visiting Sloppy Joe's bar. I was disappointed ...Read More

Avalon Bed & Breakfast

Hotel | "Avalon"

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We had a beautiful room with mosquito net bedding, hardwood floors, decent (small) bathroom, and great second story porch. Cats laze around bookshelfs in true Key West form. The pool is tiny, but romantic. We went in off-season (summer), but it was still nice.

Coffee and continental breakfast every day on front porch. Small refrigerator in room. Maid service is cozy but good.

TV, too. Rooms are small, but that wasn't a concern. Short on closet space however.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 10, 2004

Avalon Bed & Breakfast
1317 Duval Street
Key West, Florida 33040
(305) 294-8233

Duval Street

Attraction | "Renting Bicycles"

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This was stressful for us and it made me jittery. There was a cool section that went around a cemetery, but all in all, we much rather enjoyed the affordable taxis and walking.

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Duval Street

Key West, Florida

We'd Do it Again


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We would definitely recommend Key West and especially the AVALON B&B as a nice honeymoon destination. It was relaxing, we got great tans, and had lots of privacy and quiet on that end of Duvall Street.