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My First International Vacation - GERMANY

An April 1996 trip to Bavaria by MilwVon

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Quote: My sister and I decided it was time to take the plunge and travel to Germany. We stayed in the Bavarian Alps in Oberstaufen, Germany and did a lot of the resort planned tour company packages. The trip exceeded our expectations!!

Ludwig of Bavaria's Castles

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Ludwig of Bavaria's Castles Photo, Bavaria, Germany
Two of the castle homes of Ludwig of Bavaria (King Ludwig II) are famous and have been photographed millions of times. Neuschwanstein was the prototype for Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland/Disneyworld. The walk from the lower parking lot to the top where Neuschwanstain is perched is quite the steep hike (approximately 15 minutes). There are horse-drawn carriages to the top if you feel you are unable to make the walk. Hohenschwangau is where Ludwig spent his childhood is very medieval in decor. The composer Richard Wagner is honored by the music room filled with collector's pieces and memorabilia. Both castles are filled with furnishings that are truly beyond description. ...Read More

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Ludwig of Bavaria's Castles
High atop the forest
Bavaria, Germany

Day Trip to Switzerland

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Swiss Alps - Lunch Stop Photo, Bavaria, Germany
During our week in Germany, we did take a tour to Switzerland. Again, there are several tour operators/companies that have fully guided tours with English speaking drivers. Our trip included several stops with a lunch break up in the Swiss Alps. In the Alps, you cannot fathom how high the mountains are until you are there at the base, looking up. Hopefully these two photos give you some perspective. The tour also made a couple of shopping stops in the villages. We enjoyed looking at the children's toys and chocolate/candies. What they say about Swiss chocolate is true . . . there is no better chocolate in the world!! We were there in early spring (April) when the farmers were jus...Read More