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Beyond Hope

A July 2003 trip to Hope by grantravler

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Quote: Pend Oreille Shores Resort is situated along the beautiful Lk Pend Oreille with a large marina next door, which you can use with your own boat or make arrangements to go out with a comercial fishing boat company.

Beyond Hope


Hope, ID Photo, Hope, Idaho
The Pend Oreill Shores Resort is nestled in a quiet peaceful serene area of Idaho. It's a bit of a drive getting there, but worth the trip when you catch your first view of the very large lake. In the morning, you can grab a quick cup of coffee from the shop right there on the grounds as you head toward the shore, or to take a leisurely stroll out onto the boat docks to watch the sunrise. The indoor pool is well maintained and you have a choice of indoor or outdoor hot tubs. The activity center is well managed and has a good selection of movies to rent. It’s a very comfortable and well-equipped condo. Just a short drive past the resort is an area where there are a lot of wild deer. You just drive slow...Read More