Bournemouth Journals

European Destination: England

A January 2004 trip to Bournemouth by MelMcCalli

Quote: On this vacation, we enjoyed waves crashing on the shores of the English coast, coastal views from our room, double decker buses, and lots of sightseeing.
Best Things Nearby:Beaches.Best Things About the Resort:Beautiful views. Resort Experience:The timeshare had beautiful gardens and pools (indoor and outdoor). It was very close to the beaches. There was a spa and there was even a tanning bed in your room -- great for relaxation and romance. The timeshare was beautiful. Our room was on the top of the Carlton Hotel. The hotel has nine rooms and a tanning bed. We had a spectacular view of the Bournemouth beaches. The room was spacious, and had jacuzzi bathtubs and a functional kitchen. There was a formal living room to sit and enjoy the views. Uni...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on March 24, 2004

Carlton Club Apartments
East Overcliff Drive
Bournemouth, England
+44 (1202) 552011