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San Juan

A November 2003 trip to San Juan by lford1

Quote: San Juan is wonderful fun in November!

San Juan


The old forts in Old San Juan
The Bacardi FactoryQuick Tips: Take an umbrella - rained for about 30 minutes every day.

Best Way To Get Around:

Rent a car unless you are staying in the city.

Bacardí Rum Distillery

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Attraction | "Bacardi Factory"

THERE IS NO CHARGE!!!! Take the ferry from downtown at 50 cents per person. They also give you coupons for two drinks each, it's almost as if they are paying you! The tour is great and tells a lot about the history of the Bacardi family. After the tour, they drop you off at the gift shop, where almost everyone bought something. We did. Also, during the tour, they allow you to send a video message to anyone. Take email addresses to send a video message. To get to Bacardi from Old San Juan, you just go to Pier #2 and take the ferry. I don't think there is any signage, or anyone telling you to do this. But, this is how you get there. The ferry from downtown San Juan is 50 cents per person, per w...Read More

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Bacardí Rum Distillery
Bay View Industrial Park Route 165, Km. 2.6
Catano, Puerto Rico 00962
(787) 788-8400