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Place away from noise

An October 2003 trip to Valle de Bravo by Yuls

Tiempo Compartido Avandaro Photo, Valle de Bravo, Mexico More Photos
Quote: This is a great place to take a deep breath and enjoy.

Place away from noise


Waterfall Photo, Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Vuelos Panorámicos is approved by tourism authorities for hang-gliding and parasailing, with certified instructors. A 30-minute glide down in a tandem with an instructor costs US on weekends and US during the week Other inexpensive activities include mountain biking with well-marked trails, running and hiking. Cletas Valle offers a very good rate for bikes and helmets, and sells other biking gadgets. Valle is world famous for parasailing, and international competitions are often held here at this time of year. The sport is so popular that anyone with a flat, large garden is prepared for angelitos to appear out of the sky when winds or misjudgment cause them to miss the standard landi...Read More
Tiempo Compartido Avandaro Photo, Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Best Things Nearby:The lake, the forest. Best Things About the Resort:Nice place to stay if you're looking for a place to be away from anyplace. It's quiet and very confortable to take a good book.Resort Experience:All the units are wood-made chalets, very fresh and clean. I arrived on Saturday night, driving from Mexico City. Since it was the first time going to this place, it was a little scary because the way to Valle has a lot of curves with some fog, so was fun and scary at the moment. When we arrived to the resort, they were very gentle and the unit assignment was really fast. They even set the fireplace in 3 minutes so that the unit starts getting ...Read More

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