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A February 2004 trip to Tierra Verde by cashious clay

Quote: The Tierra Verde Yacht and Tennnis Club was a huge disappointment. Refurbishing is seriously needed and long overdue.

Tierra Verde Tennis & Yacht Resort

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The timeshare was a major disappointment, as it needed to be gutted and re-equipped. A murphy bed pulled down from the wall and would have been okay, but any movement caused major squeaking from springs. Air-conditioning unit turned on/off noisily all night long. I would never stay at this timeshare again and am amazed that I actually did stay for the week - though I had commitments in the area and pretty much had no choice. RCI - you should be ashamed!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on March 21, 2004

Tierra Verde Tennis & Yacht Resort
200 Madonna blvd
Tierra Verde, Florida
(727) 867-8611