Florence Journals

Florence in April

An April 1998 trip to Florence by joebm

Quote: After the big city of Rome, Florence was a relaxing place to travel to. Now my wife and I were able to walk instead of taking the bus. From our hotel, overlooking the Arno, everything was near.

Florence in April


Climbing to the top of the Duomo, at the Cathedral, was the highlight of my trip. Up there you can view the whole of Florence, which to me exemplifies an Italian city. It is everything you expect Italy to look like. Roaming the streets and seeing what looked like replicas of famous statuaries placed in position to be touched and stared at. Then finding out these were indeed the originals. Sitting in a plaza and watching dogs play. Locals and travelers alike.Quick Tips: In a couple of hours you can go to Pisa. See the tower, and best of all the beautiful church and Bapistry. Take the train on your own, not a tour, and you can make your own timetable.Best Way To Get Around: ...Read More