Yucatan Peninsula Journals


A January 2004 trip to Yucatan Peninsula by noelle_1

Mayan family dancers Photo, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico More Photos
Quote: A quaint Spanish colonial-feeling town on the way from Playa del Carmen to Chichen Itza. Worth a stop!

a few moments in Valladolid

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Mayan family dancers Photo, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Valladolid is a Spanish colonial town, founded on a Mayan capital. All the energy focuses around the plaza, or Parque Principal. There is a central fountain, merchants selling their wares (including excellent authentic Mayan embroidery), cute little two-seater chairs called condifenciales (love seats), among charming shops and churches. All of this belies a fairly violent history of overthrowing governments and desertion - reading about it before you get to Valladolid, you will be surprised at how quaint it is now. The plaza has a few excellent sites to see - including the Cathedral of San Servacio (tall and white), the Museo de San Roque (a local museum), the market (both along the 4 streets of t...Read More