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A March 2004 trip to Austin by lobosolo

Ausins Capitol Photo, Austin, Texas More Photos
Quote: Wirh a slogan that some will not accept, Austin is an eclectic young city that's home to the Texas Capitol. It's full of young people at the university and congressmen and women.

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Ausin's Capitol Photo, Austin, Texas
When you visit the city on St. Patrick's Day, do not expect too many places not crowded, specially Fourth Ave. Being a capitol city you will always find traffic to be a little nerve-wracking, so take your time for your appointments.

Quick Tips:

You have to take a quick visit to Tesoro's Store if you like accoutrements from different places...

Best Way To Get Around:

Although I don't necesarily think it is the best way, it is very common to travel within the city in a car. I did it because of my job and I drove my own, but know that rentals are fairly priced.
Very elegant with a touch of ecological, modern minimalistic touch. The pool in between the different types of rooms that range from the 75 Sunday to Thursday to 250 for the courtyard suite from Friday to Saturday. This also includes a complimentary DSL access and wireless internet access. It has received different awards like a "Best Small Hotel" in 2001 from Interior Design Magazine and comments from Men's Journal "the anti-boutique boutique hotel;" and Hank Williams III says "'s Mexico meets Japan..." but I don't necesarily agree with him, being myself from Mexico. I spoke with Juannes from Belgium, one of the managers at the hotel, but you can also speak with either Karen Sexton,...Read More

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Hotel San Jose
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Austin, Texas 78704
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