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An October 2004 trip to Valle de Bravo by fresita

Quote: This is a great place for relaxing, shopping (if you like hand crafts), or visiting the lagoon to do some boating or water-skiing.

Blue Lotto


The best place will be the "kiosco." There is an old chapel, that's good for those who like architecture that has pre-Hispanic influence. Valle de Bravo is for those who like decor things. There are a lot of stores with the "feng-shui" products; there are some others that have handicrafts.

Quick Tips:

Do not forget to visit the lagoon and the harbour - right in front there's a restaurant called "Mexico Lindo." It's got view of the lagoon and there is a great variety of Mexican food.

Best Way To Get Around:

It's a small place, so you can walk, but you'll need a car to get into the resort.

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Best Things Nearby:There's a cafe called "Cafe Americano" -- they have the best cheeseburgers in the area, all kinds of coffee, and many types of desserts. It's centrally located just two blocks from the strip. Very exclusive place.Best Things About the Resort:The spa!!! There are massages, treatments, temazcal, etc. It's a small but very well-equipped spa and is not expensive (from US$20-120).Resort Experience:The unit is like a small log cabin with fireplace. It is a small unit, but nice and warm. The resort looks nice and is extremely clean -- there's daily maid service; very romantic resort in a quiet area, very private and luxurious. The resort is very "esoteric....Read More

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Valle de Bravo
Valle de Bravo, Mexico