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Acadian Festival in the Maritimes

An August 2003 trip to Moncton by MeadowInSJ

Quote: Got more than we bargained for when a spur-of-the-moment trip resulted in us hitting the Acadien Festival in New Brunswick's hub city!

Acadian Festival in the Maritimes

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The best thing about our trip was, of course, the Acadien Festival! A drive downtown brought us to the action, live music on every corner, and Acadien spirit all around! If you like to shop, Moncton has a couple of excellent malls to visit. Champlain Mall even has an amusement park, mostly with kiddie rides. The nightlife in this city rocks!!! We ended up hitting Cosmos, a nightclub, in downtown Moncton. The crowd completely changes after midnight, with a lot more people being crammed into the two-floor club. Our accommodations, the Jones Lake Motel, left a lot to be desired (see below)! We had an interesting experience when the cleaning staff came into the room before we had checked out of th...Read More

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