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Long Week end in Naples

A January 2004 trip to Naples by Babi

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Quote: In Italy, there is a saying: "Once you've seen Naple, you can die." Don't worry about this -- it's just a way to say that it's the most beautiful place you will ever see.

Long Week end in Naples


Naple Photo, Naples, Italy
A city with churches; monuments; art galleries, ancient buildings; green hills with sea view, and the sea… The magnificence of the coast (Capri, Ischia, Positano) and the friendship of people...everything you need can be found in Naples, from the most expensive fashion shop, to the cheapest one, selling any type of thing.Quick Tips: Naples is not as often called dangerous, but I can definitely say it's not - unless you go shopping showing a bright diamond on your finger...but in this case, every city is dangerous; only take care of your wallet. If you like ties, neckties, or dresses, there's a shop in Naples called "Marinella" well known for the good quality of cloth used. It was started...Read More

Ties Shop

Attraction | "Ties Shop!"

Very valuable Neapolitan patterned silks, mixed carefully with a unique element: an unmistakable manufacturing is "Marinella," which makes each tie almost a "unicum," since from a piece of cloth only four identical ties can be made. The characteristics of the ties by "Marinella" are the peculiar fabrics with little printed drawings which can have many different colours, and the care for the little details.

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Ties Shop
Via Riviera Di Chiaia n.287
Naples, Italy

A bit of.. History

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The city spreads along the west coast of the gulf toward the Pianura Campana. The map gives you the possibility to notice the "different Naples " during 2500 years of history: the primitive Greek nucleus; the Greco–Roman city; the medieval city; the Swabian and then Aragonese city; finally the city of the 19th and 20th centuries, which extends until the boundaries of Campi Flegrei. Naples is a city of contrasts, sometimes of paradoxes: medieval quarters which preserve the ceremonial of the markets of that age, others which are already different from their boundaries. Some years ago even the anthropological characters allowed to establish the zone of origin or the houses of people. An element stands o...Read More

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