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Oakland--parts to avoid

A March 2004 trip to Oakland by PainterDave

Quote: Visitors to the Bay Area should feel fairly safe in most areas, but one area in Oakland that should be avoided is anywhere south of Chinatown and the Oakland Coliseum. It is a good idea not to drive through the residential area there. Stay on the freeway.

Caffe Stelle Restaurant

Restaurant | "Cafe Della Stella"

Visitors to the East Bay can treat themselves to an authentic Italian dining experience in Walnut Creek at Cafe Della Stella. The owner and waiters are Italian. The place is kid friendly. Try the osso busco; it will take your taste buds to Italy. They serve free bread and dip appetizers and pitchers of mineral water.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on March 7, 2004

Caffe Stelle Restaurant
1532 North Main Street
Walnut Creek, California 94596
(925) 943-2393