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Kailua Kona

A January 2004 trip to Hawaii (Big Island) by Eric G

Quote: The Billfisher is right outside downtown Kona. The area has expanded quite a bit and it is now quite noisy in the evening until 1:30am when the bars close. Most of the units are used by owners who organize several events, so it's a very social property.



Best Things Nearby:Close to downtown Kailua Kona. You can easily walk downtown to the restaurants and enjoy the nightlife.Best Things About the Resort:It is mostly owner-occupied, as they sell by the month, not the week. Thus, it is quite social and owners get together to organize several events.Resort Experience:The propery is old, but they have done a good job keeping it up. There is quite a bit of noise in the evening and it continues until 1:30am. Unit Type: 1 Bedroom Activities: Not Available Amenities: Good Unit Satisf...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on March 6, 2004

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