Venice Journals

Valentine's break in Venice

A February 2003 trip to Venice by lulureduk

Quote: Journal of our short Valentine's break to Venice last year. What we saw, what was good, what was bad, and what to avoid.

Valentine's break in Venice


St Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace, Ghetto, Ca'D'Oro, the Grand Canal, Cimetero. Walking around St Mark's Square in the evening with the sun setting on the gondoliers.

Quick Tips:

You will never get to see everything there in the 3-4 days we were there. Do it justice and stay a little longer. Don't presume you'll be able to get back to your accommodation late at night if you stay outside of Venice - buses don't run that late!

Best Way To Get Around:

Once in Venice, walking is the best way to see everything. Taxis are not bad value for money outside of the city. Inside, if you want to travel on the canal, get a day pass and make the most of it - see the islands.
Camping site in general looked as though it could be okay, though avoid through January and February. It is open, but not a lot else to say. No shopping facilities, no restaurant as advertised, rude staff, poor service. Cheap but nightmare in the winter.

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on February 28, 2004

Camping Alba D'Oro
Via Triestina 214 G
Venice, Italy 30173
+39 041 5415102



In 1516, all Jews in Venice were ordered to live in one place. The Ghetto. It was surrounded by water, making it a prison. Jews could move freely around the city if they were wearing a yellow cap, and at midnight the gates to the Ghetto were shut. Imagine hundreds of Jews, in a confined space, shut in at night from the rest of society. There is a museum and tours to look around, but just being in the Ghetto square gives you an adequate experience.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on February 28, 2004

Campo di Ghetto Nuovo
Venice, Italy