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Thanksgiving Dinner in Hong Kong

A November 2003 trip to Hong Kong by Nosefish

Lee Garden Guest House Photo, Hong Kong, China More Photos
Quote: A week-long adventure in Hong Kong and Macau ends up teaching us that dim sum for Thanksgiving dinner is just as delicious as turkey and cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Hong Kong


Riding the Star Ferry toward Central in the early morning or toward Tsim Sha Tsui at night. One view is of the great architecture, and the other is of the fantastic lights of Kowloon. Eating dim sum at the Luk Yu teahouse. Riding the tram on Hong Kong Island. Taking a bus from Central to Stanley: It's a rolling ride that climbs up mountains, then dips down towards the magnificently blue ocean.

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Lee Garden Guest House

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Hotel | "Lee Garden Guesthouse"

Lee Garden Guest House Photo, Hong Kong, China
The accommodations in the Lee Garden Guesthouse were neat and clean, although tiny. There is a choice of medium or large rooms when booking. We chose a medium room, and since we were never in the room except for while we were sleeping, it was a completely sufficient size. Besides a double bed, there was also a shelf-like desk with a lockable drawer, an older-style TV, various hooks on the walls for clothing, and hangers. A doorstop was also provided. The shower and toilet was a one-room affair. You would close the plastic accordion-like folding door behind you, and simply turn on the showerhead; the water went out through a drain in the floor. Every day when we came back around dinnertime, f...Read More

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Lee Garden Guest House
34-36 Cameron Road, Blk D, 8/f, Tst Kowloon
Hong Kong
(852) 2367 2284