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Hidden Brazil

A May 2000 trip to Brazil by adf

Quote: If you can get away from the packaged tours but are still willing to utilize the skills of smaller local operators, this Europe-size country will overwhelm you with its diversity, and with sights unknown to and unexplored by the big tour operators.

Hidden Brazil


Mamiraua Reserve is located at the confluence of the Amazon (here known as the Solimoes) and Japura Rivers. Here in the wet season, in an area larger than El Salvador, both rivers overflow their banks to create a unique ecological zone known as a varzea, or flooded forest. How the plants and animals that inhabit this area adapt to a place where for a good portion of the year the ground lies under up to twenty feet of water constitutes one of the most interesting habitats on the planet. Barely two years old, Mamiraua was conceived as a refugee for the rare White Uakari. This snow-white monkey, with its pink face, resembles a miniature Yeti. Taking a guided dugout ride through the varzea does n...Read More