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Unique Travel in Southern Nicaragua

A February 2004 trip to Nicaragua by Louise Libby

Near San Juan del Sur Photo, Nicaragua, Central America More Photos
Quote: Nicaragua is one of the world's last "authentic" destinations. Learn about what there is to do and see, and how to get there.

Unique Travel in Southern Nicaragua

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Near San Juan del Sur Photo, Nicaragua, Central America
Among seasoned travelers, Nicaragua is considered one of the world’s last frontiers and one of the few places in the Americas where it is possible to have a truly authentic and cultural vacation experience. Despite having lived through political turmoil and natural disasters, the Nicaraguans are a very warm people that are excited to share their culture and show the beauty of their country to its visitors. Some of the highlights worth visiting in Nicaragua are the colonial towns of Granada and Leon, volcanoes such as the Masaya and the Mombacho or Lake Nicaragua, one of the world’s largest fresh water lakes. One should not forget to mention the beautiful beaches along the Pacific and Atlantic coast...Read More
One of the most recent developments in tourism is an ecolodge being built on the Pacific coast in southern Nicaragua that has a strong focus on sustainable development and looks to combine the increasingly popular concepts of eco- and agro-tourism The lodge is due to open to the public in July 2004 and will feature 15 individual bungalows, restaurant and a variety of tours and activities all located overlooking a private white sand beach that is used by giant sea turtles for nesting. To reach the bungalows from the main lodge, one has to cross a 100 meter suspension bridge. Some of the activities at this ecolodge include kayaking in an estuary during sunrise, learning about r...Read More

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