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The Greenness of Podlasie

A July 2003 trip to Podlasie by asia

Bialowieza Forest/Bialowieza National Park Photo, Podlasie, Poland More Photos
Quote: Exotic glittering domes of Orthodox churches and the derelict huts make Podlasie unique. Its lakes, woods, and Polish bison can be seen while visiting flea markets (especially Kiermusy and Bialowieza), eating sausages from the fire, visiting churches in the countryside, and admiring the quietness of the area.

The Greenness of Podlasie


You should visit Kiermusy flea market in the summer Sunday. It’s kind of a country picnic, Polish style. It's about 10km from Bialystok, the main city in the area. Bialowieza is worth seeing too. Trust me, you'll love it.

Quick Tips:

It's better to be there in the summer. Polish winters are rather rough and cold. I would suggest staying at least one or two weeks in order to see the whole region.

Best Way To Get Around:

The best solution is to have a car. If you plan to travel on a bus, you might need at least one day in each place. If you can stay longer than the recommended time, you can surely decide to travel by bikes.

Bialowieza Forest/Bialowieza National Park

Attraction | "Bialowieza forest"

Bialowieza Forest/Bialowieza National Park Photo, Podlasie, Poland
This is one of the biggest and wildest forests in Europe. I suggest you see it during the summer. You can explore it on horseback-riding trips. It simply takes your breath away. The peace and beauty calms you down. You don't want to leave it behind you. You always want to come back. For more information, go to this website.

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Bialowieza Forest/Bialowieza National Park
Podlasie, Poland

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