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Longreach Queensland to Dubbo NSW

A May 2003 trip to Queensland by Gypsy Canuck

Inside the hall of Fame Photo, Queensland, Australia More Photos
Quote: Working our way back to Sydney, we travelled the bichimen Matilda Highway from Longreach, a real Western town, through many more to Dubbo, a small town in Queensland, through wonderful desert and winelands.
Longreach Motel Photo, Queensland, Australia
Clean, great beds and nice owners David and Deirdra Henshall. They were very friendly and we got hot breakfast served in our room in the morning for a pittance. The hotel is downtown, with great pubs across the street and a wonderful little restaurant next door. The flowering shrubs were magnificent and the smell of the spring wafted in the windows. Great spot, with coffeepot and teapot, free beverages, and a fridge to get your water cold.

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Longreach Motel
127 Eagle Street
Queensland, Australia
(074) 658 1996

Animals by the road


Wild goats Photo, Queensland, Australia
Wild goats by the roadside were too cute. As you drive along, they appear from nowhere, as well as birds galore. The picture opportunities are endless if you have your own vehicle.

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Inside the hall of Fame Photo, Queensland, Australia
Longreach is a Western town with beautiful Queensland homes with gardens and birds and parrots everywhere. The locals are friendly and the Stockman's Hall of Fame is a must to go to. It is the history of the outback in a wonderful interactive and museum form. Longreach was first settled in the 1870s. It is the biggest Western town and is the home of Quantas Airlines. They started there and there is a plane that you can tour if you wish. We passed on that, but it was impressive to drive by. The pubs are rowdy, but there is a wonderful little outdoor cafe that we ate at that had very Sydney-style food. The locals are very proud of it. There is a visitor center at Quantas park with all the information yo...Read More



Warrago River Photo, Queensland, Australia
Charleville is a pretty town with mulga trees and flowers everywhere. The mulga trees provide shade and, in times of drought, are cut down for sheep food. It is the largest town in the south west of the Outback region.

There is a park down by the Warrego River to have a picnic and there were very few flies to bother you. The water is brown, but the flowers are multicolored and bright, and it is a peaceful place.

Kangaroos, emus, and eagles are everywhere and can be seen while you drive along. It is like being in a zoo in Canada.



Road kill Photo, Queensland, Australia
Cunnamulla is the southern end of the Matilda Highway. It is a pretty little town with a population of 1600 people. There are only about 300mm of rain in a year, so there are many artesian bores here for water supply. Dead ‘roos at the roadside are upsetting to us as tourists. The Aussies leave them there to rot.

Bourke NSW

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Bourke Photo, Queensland, Australia
We needed petrol when we got to Bourke, so we stopped at a roadhouse to eat and fill up the Subaru. We noticed that the whole town was closed down as it was Sunday and that all the stores had shutters closed and bars on the windows. When we asked why, the locals said the kids were bad and broke windows, but one honest local said that there was a real problem with grog and the aboriginal community there. It was a stark difference from all the other towns that we were in. We were going to stay there, but decided that the town did not give us a safe feeling, so we decided to go on to Dubbo. The post office building was very impressive and looked very Victorian, and the flowers here were bright. Th...Read More
Outdoor shop Photo, Queensland, Australia
We stopped at a roadhouse that had wonderful ambience. There was porch to eat on, a loo that was decorated, and pottery to buy made by the locals. The wisteria that was hanging from the fence ran along the walkway and the store was run by the owner’s 16-year-old son, who was friendly and sweet.